Video & Animation

Moving you to the world's rhythm!

corporate videos

Showcasing the “right” angle, connecting with and engaging people – we develop multi-language corporate videos that effectively communicate & promote actions, introduce strategies, start conversations, celebrate results.

video clips

Focusing on powerful key messages and striking visuals, using live shootings or stock footage, entertaining, calling to action, enticing or making a point – we produce sharp video clips that appeal to human feelings.

event coverage

Capturing the right motions and highlights, playing with light & sound, ensuring a precise and astute editing, creating a communicative story – we do your event justice, enhance its view ratings and make it a memorable moment.


Sculpting volumes of material into a unified and compelling narrative, finding the right storyboard edge, choosing the adequate style for your message or audience – we produce documentaries that breathe life into your issues.


Carefully prepping the interviewee and the subject, scouting and preparing the most appropriate location for light, background and sound, using careful editing – we shoot dynamic interviews that convey powerful emotions.

animated videos

Giving life and voice to characters, changing thoughts into visuals, covering difficult subjects frankly and effectively, striking a wide range of emotional tones – we create animated videos that emphatically tell your story.


Cutting through all the clutter and static, writing a compelling script, assembling the separate pieces, focusing on motion and music – we produce trailers and teasers that start a great story leaving your audience wanting more.


Enhancing real-life with colour, music, light, animations, special effects, developing an appealing storyline – we give your presentations dynamism, grace, increased impact, audience outreach and market penetration.


Combining special production techniques, marketing expertise as well as a deep knowledge of where the online behaviour trends lead – we produce video podcasts that take your online communication to a new level of outreach.

social videos

Focusing on inducing emotions or actions, structuring or conveying a story, optimising them for targeted channels – we produce social videos that start a conversation with the viewers and engage them into further dialogue.