Graphic Design & Print

Making visuals speak for you!


Enhancing extensive content with creative graphics, creating structuring layout in all European languages, providing enticement to data and tables – we bring to life annual reports, activity reports, business and policy reports.


Innovative layouts, outstanding imagery and illustrations, impactful typography, clean, minimal or colourful styles – we design inspiring tailored company brochures, product brochures, technical brochures, activity brochures.


Using practical formats (easy to hand out, handy to keep), creating crisp layouts and imaginative graphics – we design effective flyers that communicate your key messages and raise awareness, interest, desire and action.


Combining robustness, ease of use, adjustable formats and sizes and vibrant colour graphics – we produce portable roll-ups that are key in building your brand awareness and generate interest in your activity.


Creating eye-catching designs, formulating direct catchphrases – we develop alluring posters that, strategically positioned (windows, bus stops, building walls, …), effectively attract attention and put you in the spotlight.


Packed with inserts (brochures, business cards, programmes, presentations) or minimalist, combining appealing visuals with clear useful content – we produce tailored presentation folders, corporate folders, event folders.

logo design

Rendering representations of a name, brand or activity, using recognizable and distinctive lines and colours, creating innovative symbols – we design unique and memorable company logos, events logos and projects logos.

graphic charter

Capturing stylistic rules and conventions for use of your brand’s distinctive elements (colours, typography, layout, …) in all occasions and for all supports – we develop personalised graphic charters and brand guidelines.


Transforming complex information, data or knowledge into communicative stories, creating compelling visuals and illustrations – we draw impactful infographics that have viral capabilities and are portable on all media.

Powerpoint presentations

Creating your own presentation templates, using engaging visuals and typography, designing infographics – we help you enhance your presentations to attract attention, create impact and leave a lasting impression.


Creating clean and clear layout, designing distinctive symbols and icons, using compelling highlights – we transform your meeting agendas, events agendas and conference agendas into a key structuring tool.


Going beyond an information provider, using design visuals and innovative formats and layouts – we make your event programme or your conference programme an own advertising tool and a must keep.


Combining practicality, originality and clever crafting, using a variety of materials (paper, cardboard, plastic, fabric, …) – we produce ingenious designs for your packaging, transforming it into a true message carrier for your brand.


Focusing on symbolic visuals and powerful key messages – we create compelling ads and advertisement campaigns, strategically placed in relevant publications, magazines to increase awareness and outreach.

stands & displays

Understanding spaces, responding to human behaviour and patterns, highlighting visuals – we create stands, pop up displays, backdrops, kakemonos, banners, outdoor displays for events, expos, exhibitions, showrooms.

shop windows

Having visuals tell your story, clean, elegant, bold, colourful or surprising, regularly freshen-up, using lighting to stand out – we create eye-catching designs for your shop windows, real billboards for your activity.

promotional materials

Having a specific use or benefit, representing your activity or just bringing about a happy moment or a smile – we personalise promotional materials and giveaways that closely and directly connect you with your targeted audiences.


Channelling clear and concise messages, using a variety of materials and shapes – we extend your visibility outreach and presence through branded pens, notepads, notebooks, letters, envelopes, business cards, …