Media & Social Media

Talking about you for you!

press services / press relations

Building and honing your press network, organising targeted press conferences and debates, drafting press releases and press articles, providing press reviews – we enhance your profile with the mainstream or specialised press.

public relations

Creating impactful and multi-format editorial coverage, planning publication on websites, newspapers, magazines and TV programs, anticipating and managing public opinions – we increase your brand recognition and reputation

social media analysis

Identifying channels and statistics that matter to your activity field, performing analyses and benchmarking before and after campaigns – we provide you with regular insight on how your social environment can evolve.

social media strategy development

Aligning audience, objectives, strategies and tactics, across the whole social media mix or through small-scale plans for product launches – we build a roadmap for success with tangible, measurable results.

community management

Through editorial planning, content creation, art direction, monitoring, moderation, organisation of surprise and delight campaigns, community building – we support you in creating lively and engaged social media communities.

social content creation

Understanding what media works best socially in your activity field, adding extra social value to ads and key messages – we develop social media content that truly engages followers around your brand and activities.

social advertising

Combining marketing strategies, smart targeting, real-time optimisation techniques, quality content creation, community management and efficient paid media – we create ads that resonate with the community and go viral.

influencer engagement

Identifying strong voice carriers, engaging them in conversations leading to awareness, understanding and appreciation – we support you in generating reviews, genuine branded content, that support your message.

measurement & monitoring

Understanding your business and communication goals, establishing adequate key performance indicators and the most relevant social trends – we analyse your social return on investment and advise you on finetuning course.

social listening

Tracking basics such as share of voice and brand or activity mentions, providing deeper insights through conversations reviews – we support your decision-making on communication strategies, marketing or product campaigns.